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Price Movement Preferences

When placing any type of Buy or Sell Order, price movement needs to be accepted for circumstances where a more beneficial price could be achieved for you. You will not receive a worse price.
If the price has changed and is no longer in your favour, we will only match Shares to the point where your requested price is honoured. Beyond this point, we will not match. Since all the requested Shares in your order have not been fulfilled, this is known as a Partial Match.
  • Buy Now: You will be refunded for the cost of the Shares in Buy Now orders that do not match. 
  • Instant Sell: Shares that do not match in Instant Sell orders will be instantly returned to your Portfolio and you will not be charged commission. 
  • Bids/Offers: Shares that do not match in Bids and Offers will remain working until you choose to cancel them (should you wish to do so).