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Offers FAQ's


Is there commission charged on Shares sold through Offers?

Whether you submit a Sell Order or Instant Sell, we charge a 2% commission fee to the seller based on the value of each Share sold (minimum commission of 1p from each completed sale transaction).


What is the Offer Zone?

The Offer Zone is the price range in which you can place Offers.

The upper limit of the Offer Zone is 10 pennies above the Buy Now price, whilst the lower limit is the same as the lower limit of the Bid Zone.


Can Offers and Bids live outside the Offer Zone and Bid Zone respectively?

The Zones are only in place during the placement of Bids/Offers, therefore once an Offer or Bid has been placed they can live outside their respective Zones.


What is the maximum amount of Offers I can place at any time?

You can place up to 5 Offers per footballer on the platform at any one time (with a maximum of 300 Shares per Offer).

There is no limit on the number of footballers you can place Offers for i.e. you can place up to 5 offers for every footballer in your portfolio should you wish to.


Why am I unable to add Shares to the Sell Queue?

To complete our migration to the future of Football Index Order Books, we need to add Offers and move away from the Sell Queue. This will pave the way for Nasdaq and, ultimately, allow us to provide Depth of Market.

The ability to add funds to the Sell Queue was removed as of 9am on 09/09/2020


During the period between 09:00:00 BST on 09/09/2020 and the downtime at 06:00:00 BST on 10/09/2020, will I still be able to Instant Sell my Shares?

There will be no restriction to Instant Sell during this period.


Will Shares I currently have listed in the Sell Queue remain in the queue?

There is a Transitional Period between 14:00 BST on 10/09/2020 - 10:00 BST on 01/10/2020 where Shares will remain in the Sell Queue unless they are cancelled.  From this point onwards, the Sell Queue will be dissolved and any remaining Shares in the Sell Queue will be returned to Trader Portfolios.


During the Transitional Period, when the price of an Offer is the same as the price of a Sell Queue order, which takes precedence?

When prices are the same, Offers will take precedence over Sell Queue orders. This will allow Traders to familiarise themselves with Offers and provide flexibility in how they manage their Portfolios before the Sell Queue is dissolved.


What happens to the reserve price of Shares added to the Sell Queue before the Transitional Period?

No Shares will be sold below the reserve price you initially set.


Can Offers expire?

No, Offers do not expire. If a Trader doesn’t want an Offer to be matched, they need to cancel it by clicking on the cross in the Open Offers section.


Do unmatched Offers still win Dividends?

Yes, Shares listed via Offer that have not yet matched will still win Dividends.  For partially matched Offers, only the portion of Shares that have not yet matched will still be eligible.


Can I adjust the price or number of Shares in my Offer?

No, you will simply have to cancel your Offer, and resubmit a new one.


Will there be a separate section in my account where I can find my Bids?

Your Open Offers will be available to view in your Portfolio. Here you will also be able to view a history of your Cancelled and Matched Offers.