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Matching Engine Explained

What is the Matching Engine?

The Matching Engine gives Traders more control over the price they want to Buy and Sell Shares. Rather than accepting the prices displayed on the platform, they can set a maximum limit on how much they want to purchase a Share for (Bid).


Instant Sell is now powered by Bids

For a Bid to be successful - it needs to be Matched. Bids are only Matched when other Traders make an Instant Sell.

The price you'll see in the red Sell button on the Index (the Instant Sell price) is an average of max 300 Shares that come from the highest Bids. When a Trader Instant Sells Shares, the highest Bids for those Shares are Matched.


Bids are Matched based on price (highest Bid first). If multiple Bids are the same price, then by time (First In First Out).
As the Instant Sell price is an average of max 300 Shares, selling any fewer than 300 Shares might result in a higher Instant Sell price. This is because the highest Bid may be higher than the average price, and Instant Sells always go to the highest Bid first.



For more information you can read our Matching Engine FAQ's article or Launch Announcement Page