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Market Update & Coronavirus FAQ's

I bought Shares in a player with IPD in mind. As games were cancelled, will you be extending the 30 day period?

In short, no. We believe the Five-Place Media and extended Media Dividend deadline that was in place were extremely attractive propositions for Traders. We always try to be as generous as possible with Dividends, but also must be fiscally responsible.


As there were no games for a while, can I get my bet refunded?

Shares on Football Index represent a 3 year bet. During the period without matches, there are Dividends paid to media winners. Therefore, the short answer is no.


I am concerned about my money in the platform. What assurances can you provide on the financial stability of the platform, and safety of my money?

The market is robust and, and taking these responsible steps it has traded positively during this very volatile period.  FI are in this business for the long haul and we look forward to providing services to you and others well into the future - we hope you will stay on this journey with us.


My Shares are about to come to the 3 year expiry, and it’s currently difficult to sell given current spreads.  Is there any plans to extend the expiry date?

There is currently no plan to extend the expiry date of Shares. However, once clarity on the completion of domestic season fixture fulfilment becomes clearer we will review this.