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Data Retention and Purpose

We retain your personal information for as long as necessary which includes any period of historic retention that may be required for regulatory purposes. We do not collect any more personal information from our users than is necessary for our purposes and our data management policies include the deletion of any personal information we no longer require. Should you close (or if we shut down) your Account with us, we will retain your personal data as long as necessary to allow us to meet our regulatory and legal obligations and defend ourselves against any claims. Personal information which is not needed for these purposes will be deleted after this period.

We, our affiliates and third parties providing services to us or to you on our behalf will use your personal information for the purpose of conducting our business and providing the Service to you. Specifically, this includes the following purposes (but we also reserve the right to use your personal information for any other purposes that are reasonably ancillary to the business of providing you with online gambling services):

  • to confirm financial transactions;
  • to analyse your credit and fraud risk and verify your credentials using third parties, including financial institutions, identification verification agencies and credit reference agencies;
  • to assess your gambling activity for responsible gaming purposes;
  • to verify whether you have registered with any mandatory self-exclusion bodies (as may be applicable), for responsible gaming reasons;
  • to provide the Service to you;
  • identification, verification and vetting purposes;
  • statistical analysis and research;
  • research and development;
  • marketing, market research, customer surveys and customer profiling;
  • data analysis;
  • to comply with licensing and regulatory requirements;
  • to carry out batch testing of documents prior to the deployment of tools sourced from or provided by third parties;
  • to combat against security risks and fraudulent activity; and
  • to confirm your geographic location.

Payment method

You will need to provide payment/deposit method information (example: your credit card details) in order to participate at Football INDEX. This information in conjunction with your other personal information might be used to clear or carry out financial transactions executed by you on our Service. You must advise us immediately of any relevant changes to your personal information including change of payment method.