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Transaction Summary

Transaction Summary

The Transaction Summary allows you to see an overview of the transactions on your Football Index account. 

Note: Displayed data is not real time and may take a few minutes to update.

Buys: The total amount of money spent on buying shares.

Sells: The total amount of money received for shares sold, before commission.

Commission: The commission fees paid when selling shares. 

Dividends: The amount of money paid to you as dividends for topping the Media or Match Day Live Rankings.

Deposit: The amount of money you have deposited.

Withdrawal: The amount of money you have withdrawn.

Failed Deposit: Deposits manually credited in the case of a transaction error, or deductions for cancelled transactions.

Cancelled Withdrawal: Amounts of money returned to your account in the event of cancelled withdrawal.

Net Deposits: The amount of money deposited to Football Index, less the amount withdrawn.

Bonus: Bonuses paid into your Football Index account.

Customer Service Gesture: Credits made to your account as gestures of good will or resolutions.

Manual Adjustment: Credits or Debits to your account for resolution of technical issues.