The UK and Jersey Gambling Commissions have suspended our operating licenses.
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Age & Residency Verification

Verifying your age and identity (a process called Know Your Customer 'KYC') is a requirement of our licensing conditions under the UK Gambling Commission. We run a 'behind the scenes' electronic check to see if we can verify who you are. Around 80% of customers pass the verification requirements we have to meet based solely on this check.
For those who don't pass this check we'll need you to complete the verification process by sending us a copy of some documents to prove your age and residency.
Personal Identification - one photo ID from the following list:
- Passport
- Driving licence (UK only)
- National Identification card (UK only)
Address Verification - one of the following (non-electronic):
- Utility Bill 
- Tax Bill 
- Copy of Bank Statement 
Any address verification document must show letter head or issuer logo, and be no older than 3 months before the date you submit.
Please send documents that state your residential address. Documents addressed to a PO Box number are not acceptable for validation.
You can send these documents to us by E-mail to