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Why Can't I Always Choose How I Withdraw My Funds?

Football Index operate a 'closed loop policy' when it comes to withdrawing funds. This simply means that if you've deposited into your Football Index account using a payment source, you'll need to withdraw funds back to that payment source as well.

For example if you were to deposit £50 into your Football Index account from your visa debit account and then a further £50 from your MasterCard account, you cannot then withdraw the total amount into a single account. £50 will be transferred into your visa debit account with the other £50 returned to your MasterCard account.

In any instances where you have generated a profit (e.g £50), and wish to withdraw the total amount (£150), your original £100 that you deposited will be split between the accounts that you deposited from, and the £50 profit will be transferred to the payment method last used to deposit funds, in this case the MasterCard account. 

This policy is just one way of protecting Football Index, and our customers, against fraud and money laundering.