The UK and Jersey Gambling Commissions have suspended our operating licenses.
Help Centre

Deposit Limits

You can set daily, weekly and monthly limits, or request to change current deposit limits via the Deposit Limit tab. Requests to increase will take effect after a 24 hour cooling off period, a decrease will take effect immediately.

If you wish to set deposit limits, please follow these simple steps:

1) Log in on and click on ‘Account’

2) Click ‘Deposit Limit’

3) Tick ‘Daily’ and/or ‘Weekly’ and/or ‘Monthly’

4) Chose the amount you wish to set per day, week and/or month from the drop down menu

5) Click ‘Confirm’


Help Organisations

If you would like advice and support in relation to your gambling, or if you are concerned about a close friend or family member then there are various support services you can turn to for help.

UK National Helpline: 0808 8020 133

Gamblers Anonymous

UK National Helpline: 0808 8020 133

National Problem Gambling Clinic
Urgent Advice Line: 0800 0234 650