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Changing Your Payment Method

Should you wish to change your payment method (i.e. your card is expired or no longer in use) a minimum deposit of £10 is required to replace the old card on your Football Index account.

When adding a new card to facilitate a withdrawal, please provide front and back copies of the new card and your previous card (if not already provided), together with the reason why e.g. Account closed, replacement card etc. to

When submitting copies of your card please cover the numbers in the middle leaving the first six and last four digits visible. On the back of your card please cover the 3 digit CVC code.Example: 123456XXXX7890.

Please note that we operate a closed loop policy, for further information please see here.


What if I no longer have my previous card?


In circumstances where you no longer have access to an old card we can accept a bank statement for verification.  The statement would need to display your name and a previous deposit to Football Index and be in PDF (screenshots are not accepted).